via Daily Prompt: Exquisite


As  my newborn baby lay fast asleep, I watched her with all my attention.

Two beautiful little eyes set deep within,

A tiny nose breathing life in,

Two lips – tender and soft,

The palm sized small head – with tiny veins visible and working in perfect coordination,

The wobbly neck,

The small hands and the tiny winy fingers, which I could hold forever,

The rhythmic soft beat of the heart – so pure, so musical, so alive and ticking,

The tiny feet,oh.. so small and kicking.

fingers         baby-feet-1025398__340

I marvelled, at this magnificent engineering,

All the internal mechanics precisely functioning,

I wondered, would there be a blueprint of this wonderful design called the human being….


Oh !! What a masterpiece of a construction,

Is this wonderful formation,

O God, I bow down to Thee,

For there is nothing in this world,

Which could compare to your exquisite creation.




Image courtesy : Pixabay

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