via Daily Prompt: Capable


Every person, Every creation, Every being on this earth is unique and capable in his or her own way. Each one of them encompassing his/her own inherent beauty and talent. I’m sure every being on this planet can say,

I am beautiful,

I am good,

I am caring,

I am loving,

I am affectionate,

I am fearless,

I am capable….

Then, how is it that each being, performs and does actions and thinks differently?

Well, as per my experience, here is where, the little fellow inside each one of us comes into play. Yes, the mind. It just sows a tiny winy seed of doubt…Am I really capable.? What if the other person is better off? Is the preparation that I have done, good enough?

The different levels at which the mind operates is what gives you courage or makes you nervous. Else, how and why do some people have nervous breakdowns, while some people soar high with confidence.

Capable, is every single being, capability depends on the process of thoughts !!






Picture Coutesy :Pixabay



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