via Daily Prompt: Float

Deep, dark spirals and concentric golden circles,

Spots of red, green and golden,

Rhythmic beats and soft flow of music,

Flying through beyond space,

Travelling like a shooting star,

At  lightening speed,

Landing on a float in the deep blue ocean,

Calm and tranquil in the waters,

Mesmerized, Oh ! What an experience…

Had I just been to another World?…

Moans and groans, now I could hear,

Where did the soft music disappear?

Where am I and why am I here?

Oh yes, you are almost done dear,

Oh, take me out of here, please take me out of here,

Just a few minutes, and we will wheel you out of here.


This was my long journey through a small dose of anesthesia for a small procedure I had to undergo. Glad it’s all done now, leaving me with my mesmerizing journey to the cosmos and beyond.




6 thoughts on “Float

  1. Oh! Hope you are well, Deepika! I just went back read and re-read the lines wondering what you were referring too. I still recollect a whiff of nitrous oxide that I was told to inhale during my son’s labor had got me into a strange trance but none like this one! Must have been quite an experience!
    Take care!

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