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The age is a measure of the physical attributes of a being. When we say a person is so and so years old, we talk about the number of years the person has spent on this earth in the physical form. Physical form is the exterior, what is visible to the eye. We all know that every human being, though looks different, has the same physical attributes.

I often wonder, what is it that makes our interaction with each and every human different? Why do we like to interact with certain people and why do we avoid some? Why do the human beings, who look so similar physically, have different behavior, attitude, temper and way of being? How could we measure that?

The response I get to my wonderment is that each individual has a completely different architecture from the inside. The creator has a template for every individual, which makes him/her unique and distinct. The exterior is from the creator, the interior is our creation. The building blocks, for this creation and mental build up is our environment at home, school & work, parenting influences, friendships, relationships and the like. The exposure to such interactions is what makes us strong or nervous, dominant or subdued, rebellious or meek, patient or angry….

Life, at different points throws us out of gear, hurls bouncers and googlies at us; the way we react to it and take it upon us, varies based on our mental build. Probably, the reason, why some people crumble under pressure and some are able to take it with a free mind and attitude.

The inner mechanics of a person is what decides the emotional age. The person, who has the courage and ability to deal with such surprises from life, could probably be measured in terms of maturity and responsibility to deal with the issue at hand. The more mature a person, the better is his emotional age and better is his wisdom, based on different experiences in life. So, when we talk about age, we should probably look at the emotional age, as that could be the blueprint of one’s maturity and wisdom.

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Interior

  1. What a lovely thought, Deepika! ‘Emotional’ age is a new word and a nice one. “The exterior is from the creator, the interior is our creation.” kept me thinking for a while. Is it not so true. So glad you came up with something so creative and thoughtful for the word ‘interior’.

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  2. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    You have hit a sixer when you say Emotional age does not necessarily link with physical age.

    The society normally respects a person who in terms of the calendar years.Understanding a person with his emotional maturity requires emotional maturity.

    Calendar years in terms of age is for the number of candles on the birthday cake, religious functions, and celebrations with pomp and feasts.

    Emotional age is….. , as you have put it across is a different cup of tea.

    A very mature blog.

    P.S. I f you dont take it personally, may i ask your age?

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