There’s a lot happening,

The traffic woes are increasing,

The sounds are deafening,

The fast pace of life is maddening..

There’s a lot happening..


The quality of life is diminishing

The quality of relationships is disparaging,

The ‘to do ‘ lists are just bugging,

The  neighbor is so irritating,

Gosh, there’s a lot happening..


Friends, have you tried just breathing ?,

Friends, have you tried just  relaxing ?,

Friends, have you tried just living life?


Yes, dear friends, just take a deep breath in,

Say a big hello to the oxygen, who lives just next door,

Exhale every iota of breath to say goodbye to the carbon dioxide.


My dear friends, take a moment to meet your new friends,

The oxygen, the trees, the nature, the environment and the people,

Say goodbye to the  little satans,

The maddening rush, the technological gadgets, the to do lists, & the fast pace of life.


My dear friends,

Relax a while,

Smile a while,

It’s one life – Live it, Enjoy it.

See Life, Feel Life, Live Life !!

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