Points To Ponder



Scene 1

My mobile phone just fell into a bucket of water, son, came an aged dad, and handed over the wet phone to his son. Never mind dad, let me see, what I can do to fix it says the son…

Imagine, if the same act was done by your child and the child comes to you and says, sorry daddy, I was playing with the phone and it just slipped and fell into the bucket of water.

How would you react??

Scene 2

Fathom this, a family consisting of grandparents, parents and kids, having dinner…. The younger child 8 years old, is done with dinner, the residual food left in the Childs plate is watery….Grandpa says, leave your plate on the table, I will stash away your plate in the sink, else you’ll end up spilling the leftover food on the way to the wash area.

As the parent of the child, how do you react??

Scene 3

A Mom and daughter on the way to the bus stop…early morning, cool breeze blowing, birds chirping, the duo, enjoying each other’s company, chatting, cuddling, laughing, everything picture perfect. On reaching the stop and waiting for the school bus to arrive, the daughter gets busy chatting with her friend, Mom takes to her friend – the mobile phone. Both are engrossed talking and chatting, one face to face and the other with her “mobile” friend(s). The school bus arrives, picks up the other kids waiting and leaves. The mom and daughter, being busy are blissfully unaware, of the arrival of the bus. The daughter has missed the bus.

Being in the moms place, how would you react??

Scene 4

Your child is walking, in the park, on the street, or in the stairway, along with you. The child is lost in his/her own dream world, thinking of the latest car, Ben 10 or engrossed in the world of fairies and princesses. And lo, he/she missed seeing a puddle of water or missed a step and had a fall. His/her dream shattered, bruised and in pain, starts howling and crying.

How would you react??

I’m sure, we as parents have faced many such scenes in our journey of parenting, which is quite challenging. Each parent is created differently and is unique in his or her own way, and will react differently in similar situations.

Why are we afraid to allow our children to make mistakes, and in the process, allow them to learn & grow? It’s not because they would fall and be in pain, it’s because, we as parents have to bear the brunt of the consequences of their actions.

If the answers to any of the scenarios above, is maybe, I would have, then it’s time to get some remedial measures in place.
While, it’s next to impossible to have a set rule to parenting or to deal with a situation, the above situations are just pointers to where we as parents could possibly learn to be “well behaved” or learn not to react.




9 thoughts on “Points To Ponder

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    An extremely thought provoking blog.
    The situations may look routine. The reactions by the parents can be broad banded. But the resultant impact can be diverse.
    That would depend on the core relationship, understanding,sensitivity, circumstances and in general the environment.
    Each of the four situations can be taken up as a case study in parenting, and behavioral patterns of children .
    The beauty and the depth of the blog lies in the last line of the blog, where the blogger has summed up the reaction to the situations from the point of view of love and concern for the children.by the remark…… ” the above situations are just pointers to where we as parents could possibly learn to be “well behaved” or learn not to react. , ”

    Bringing up children is definitely not a child’s play 🙂


    1. DeepikasRamblings

      Very well written comment. Rightly said, each of the situation could be studied in child/parent psychology.
      Parenting these days has become a pretty challenging task (and as you pointed out,definitely not a child’s play) which, one cannot escape. So makes sense to armour ourselves with the right parenting tools.


  2. This one is a thought-provoking post. To err is human, they say, and yet we forget that children are as much as human as we are. Will keep this one in mind. Thank you, Deepika!
    I love your blog and your write ups, enjoyed the few that I just read!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. clickerwriter

    Never have I seen a more realistic post on parenting! There are so many articles I used to look up on babycenter and similar websites to learn how to handle my angry toddler brother, but ended up finding only vague articles 😐 But what you have written is an eye opener. It might seem like we are in an impasse while dealing with kids, but if we remember that we are moulding another human with our actions, we will always be correct in our approach 🙂 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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